Bat Heads Roll

by Tsukimono

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The B-side of the "Bat Heads Roll" cassette, released by Release The Bats in 2007-2008 sometime.

From RTB:

Tsukimono is the moniker of Johan Gustavsson, originally from the southern parts of Sweden but now residing in Gothenburg. Bat Heads Roll consists of two completely different pieces. The A-side is a live recording of a event that took place in the RTB livingroom 31/8-2007. We celebrated the last day of the summer and Tsukimono played a beautiful set in front of a crowd of maybe 25 people. Mainly driven by an analogue synth, Tsukimono used his whole palette and created something truly amazing this evening. Everything ends with a bang, and the last minute or so was unfortunately not caught on tape (play it LOUD and the abrupt ending will serve as a release from the harsh and abrassive last minute). A 28 minute journey into the realms of punk ambience and the eclectic Gothenburg scene of 2007. The B-side consists of a 19 minute long piece recorded the first week in October, monotonous and heavy synth drone and very different from the live recording in many ways. Fans of acts like Hive Mind and Emaciator should enjoy this. Limited to 50 tapes, screenprinted covers with artwork by Martin Helge. Pick this up and be sure to check out Tsukimonos other fine releases on labels such as Kallligrammofon and Kning Disk.


Tsukimono – Bat Heads Roll July 1st, 2008
So my tape deck came in the mail today!!! I can finally listen to some of the tapes I’ve picked up over the last couple of years.

I haven’t owned/listened to anything on casette in a few years, but it sounds much better than I remember. The first thing I popped in was Tsuskimono’s Bat Heads Roll which I picked up around the time it was released. It has been sitting on my shelf for a while.

First off I want to say how good the sound is even when its really loud. So warm. So So So warm. I have the tape deck cranked right now as I’m listening to it and it is amazing.

Those familiar with Tsukimono might find this release a bit of a departure from some of his more mellow releases (his Fukkgod output speccifically), Bat Heads Rolls is much more noise oriented than I had expected. It still sounds like Tsukimono, but it wants to drill a hole in your brain. The sounds aren’t total chaos and their are some great beats after about 30 min. on side A. Side B is a huge synthy drone, like the sound a hive-mind would make or something.

Anyway, great job and now that I’ve got a tape deck again I can listen to it whenever I want!


TSUKIMONO “Bat Heads Roll” (Release the Bats)
Never heard of this Swedish drone fellow (Johan Gustavsson/Tsukimono) before but hopefully I do again, cause this micro-edition CS on Release The Bats is a wholly enjoyable slab of private electronic symbiosis. The A side was recorded live at RTB HQ but it sounds mid-fi enough to capture the wonderful rainbows of spiraling drone blasting outta whatever amplifier powered this sick occasion. The jam starts with an unsuspecting throb, like yet another mixer freak staring into wires, but then it grows and subsides into a subtle pool of new age bathwater before gradually freezing over into a dense vibrating iceberg of distortion, rumble, and skree. Near the end it sounds like he runs outta ideas, cause things drag a bit in a nowhere land of accidental noise and fatigue (and even some lazy sounding drum machine beats), but overall it’s a solid set. But, strangely, the B side “studio” recording (“Cloudness”) is vastly less varied and transformative. It ain’t bad, or even boring per se, but if yr any mood other than one of wanting to be totally drowned in infinity drone overload, this won’t be yr cup of coca-cola. Wish it had some more of the odd transitions of the live set but maybe that just wasn’t the vibe this night. Regardless: curious to hear more.

/cassette gods


released August 8, 2008

all sounds by jgw.

Track A recorded 31st August 2007 at the Release The Bats livingroom, Gothenburg.
Track B recorded in the fall of 2007 in Gothenburg.

Handnumbered edition of 50.

artwork by martin helge
a-side recorded by Sabina Ostermark



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